VOLARE, The First Commercial Blockchain Network from EQBR Technology


The digital currency has recently been shown to be the most productive resource. Nevertheless, investing beforehand in digital forms of plutocrat, or in the early stages of any design, is the most profitable strategy. Investing in newer cryptocurrencies pays off significantly further than investing in more established digital currencies.
Because the newer digital currencies give results to numerous current problems and have a lot further constructive systems ahead of them, they wind up being more profitable. So this enterprise revolves around one similar Cryptocurrency that’s still in its immaturity and has a lot of eventuality. This is a story about Valore!

Micro-chain Architecture:

The Equilibrium machine applies microservice armature and it’s divided into several micro- chains in one network. Each business sphere has its own database on the tally and sense is designed as a singlemicro-chain by matching smart contracts. This isolates failures and loads between eachmicro-chain to exclude the correlation between multiple services, and guarantees scalability in terms of being suitable to upgrade to system performance that matches the business sphere.
This change in network structure will also yield multitudinous operation points in the field of blockchain technology, similar as the invention enabled by the microservice armature, and will directly lead to the accelerated commercialization of blockchain technology.


Decentralized Exchange( DEX) of Volare network maximizes the exchange value of digital means( commemoratives) in the ecosystem. Decentralized exchange handed by Volare Network is that the means are kept and managed by individual druggies, unlike the Centralized Exchange( CEX), which stores means on a central garçon.
Since DEX is designed on an on- chain base, and peer- to- peer direct trading business, so the safe deals are possible without playing problems that do on an off- chain base and no a trusted 3rd party relaying deals.


Whisper MSG as an assiduity standard social blockchain service started with a watchword “ Your Sequestration is Our Sequestration ”. Whisper MSG druggies can enjoy messaging features without furnishing particular identification information. By exercising EQBR blockchain technology, Whisper MSG liberates from security and sequestration issues. And Whisper MSG provides a point of Wallet that can manage colorful digital means in Volare network.
Druggies will find the genuine meaning of a commercially feasible blockchain machine by exploring Volare network embodied by Equilibrium machine and the ultimate secure runner from Whisper MSG.

Volare Networks Technology

Volare Network is a blockchain- grounded open source design that intends to produce an ecosystem of high- performance and largely effective decentralized apps with the primary purpose of adding everyday operation. Volare Network marks the arrival of a new blockchain system that can compete and beat the operating speed of established fiscal systems, with Equilibrium’s technological machine exceeding 4500 TPS with block generation and evidence times of lower than 3 seconds.

Inventors may use the Volare Network blockchain technology to produce their own Dapps depending on their own requirements and conditions. Inventors may construct apps that can reuse millions of deals by using the strength of Volare’s technology. Volare has also erected across-chain ground, allowing smart contracts and apps to communicate with Ethereum and other networks. This will enable dApps to connect with the network’s services, broadening the network’s possible use cases.

· Maximum Token Issuance Capped at 1.8B Tokens


The native coin of the Valore Network ecosystem will be VOLR. VOLR is a blockchain- grounded cryptocurrency that was created to make deals inside the Valore Network more accessible. The maximum force of the coin is1.8 billion coins. VOLR is the main source of energy for the ecosystem’s profitable exertion, and it’s also employed to ease the exchange of all other commemoratives. Because the total volume of VOLR will noway exceed1.8 billion coins, a bitsy quantum of VOLR will always be sufficient to complete a sale in any area or request inside the network.


The Valore platoon has terrifically organized development events, as we lately witnessed through the roadmap. This illustration depicts how the design will progress, suggesting that there’s plenitude of room for growth. Tokenomics is intriguing as well, as it describes how token holders would apply great influence. This design formerly stands out due to technological advancements and features, which, in my opinion, make it well worth investing in.



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